Soprano Yulia Savrasova wearing a Legend Heart watch and egg earing made by the Jewelry Company ALFABERGE of St. Petersburg
Photo by Laurent Pauli


February 2013:
Fabergé goes on show at the Houston Museum of Natural History

From St Petersburg, all the way to Texas, few will want to miss Fabergé: A Brilliant Vision, a new retrospective of Fabergé gems now on display at the Houston Museum of Natural History. And while Fabergé: A Brilliant Vision may be making its museum debut a million miles from the noble surroundings of a Russian palace, this private, lovingly curated collection from Arthur and Dorothy McFerrin, couldn’t reflect the Fabergé house heritage any better.

January 2013:
Lecture and Book Signing With Tatiana Fabergé, Great-Granddaughter of Peter Carl Fabergé, at Binns of Williamsburg on February 2nd, 2013 at 11AM

Come & Meet Tatiana Fabergé at Binns in Williamsburg, VA. On February 2nd, 2013 at 11AM, Binns of Williamsburg, exclusive North American distributor of Tatiana Fabergé's newly launched book - Faberge: A Comprehensive Reference Book, is hosting a much-anticipated lecture and book signing with Tatiana Fabergé, Great-Granddaughter of Peter Carl Fabergé.

January 2013:
Fabergé: A Brilliant Vision - Houston Museum of Natural Science hosts special exhibition, symposium with Tatiana Faberge Jan. 31.

Simply hearing the name Fabergé evokes the splendor and extravagance of late 19th and early 20th century Imperial Russia. The House of Fabergé designed the renowned Imperial Easter Eggs for the Romanov family, as well as an array of objets d’art, luxurious gifts, and practical items for the wealthy patrons of Europe.

Visitors can glimpse this grandeur in a special exhibition, Fabergé: A Brilliant Vision, from the McFerrin Collection and hear from more than half a dozen internationally-recognized experts, including Tatiana Fabergé, great-granddaughter of Carl Fabergé, during a special one-day symposium in advance, Jan. 31. The exhibition opens to the public Feb. 1.

February 2012:
How Swiss watches can save lives

TF Action Design, the R&D division of Tatiana Fabergé SA is aiming for Swiss watches to become as standard as hard hats in preventing injury on construction sites.

The company will be showing at INTERMAT 2012 a system aimed at preventing moving vehicles from hitting oblivious site workers. The worker wears a rugged Swiss-made watch, which issues a strong vibration in case of immediate danger to ensure that the worker reacts instantly to the threat. All of the development has been carried out by TF Action Design and its partners in Switzerland, with work taking place in Geneva, Martigny and at the Parc Scientifique Y-Parc in Yverdon les Bains,Vaud. Pilot site trials are set to take place from June.

A radar system detects locations of the people and equipment. The watch houses sophisticated circuitry including a multi-axis antenna to determine the position accurately as the worker moves. The system has been designed to detect the true risk of collision – while avoiding false alarms - and warn the worker in danger by provoking a spontaneous reaction of self-defence.

Development has taken several years. The system makes use of a custom-designed radar system, which has been developed for precision over short distances. The system warns the vehicle driver, but does not rely on drivers’ reaction times as these may be too slow to prevent an accident. Central to the development was the need to convey the urgency of the situation to the person in danger.

Source: INTERMAT 2012

TF Luxury Division
TF Action Design