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Maison Tatiana Fabergé was founded in Geneva in 1974 by Tatiana Fabergé with the involvement of friends interested at the time to develop an import-export business and to perpetuate the name of the famous jeweler of the tsars.

In an interview several years ago Tatiana Fabergé was quoted as follows: "My name is a magic word in both Russia and the United States, says jokingly Tatiana Fabergé, great-granddaughter of jeweler of the Tsars, Carl Fabergé. People look at me sometimes like if I were a statue down from its pedestal."

She then took advantage of that magic name and launched her own line "Imperial Collection by Tatiana Fabergé", specializing in interior design for the fittings of luxurious villas.

The brand has since been bought by Fabergé Ltd and Tatiana Fabergé who now sits on the Fabergé Heritage Council has left the eponymous company whose ownership is now in Russian hands.

The new management of Tatiana Fabergé SA is committed to developing the firm internationally in the respect for traditions inspired by the "Great Carl Faberge" and his sense of entrepreneurship.

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